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Sunday, September 5, 2010

CAD Humor

I got this today from my friend Vincent of PROCAD Consultants in Canada.  It's pretty funny, so I thought I'd share it with you.  It's in honor of AutoCAD for Mac being announced this week.  Something about this whole Mac thing struck me as odd in terms of the Revit world.  There's one day a year where my blog gets an incredible amount of traffic.  Where I normally got about 1,800 page views a day in March, on March 25th, my blog got 16,000 hits.  What was so special about that day?  Well, it was the day the Autodesk embargo lifted and I was able to post everything about the Revit 2011 products.

Does anyone get excited about the new releases of AutoCAD?  I dare say, after 28 years, there's a collective big yawn.  AutoCAD for Mac did get a lot of Twitter traffic, and I think my company got about 3 sales inquires as to the pricing and availability.  Does anyone rush to install the newest version of AutoCAD when it comes out?  I'm sure a few do, but so many people I've every spoken to all say all they ever need is Release 14.

I will say, there's any interest study that came out recently saying how AutoCAD 2011 is 30% more productive because of basic features.  At least that's something.  Well, enough about all of that.  After all, this is a BIM blog and it's a slow news day.

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