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Sunday, September 19, 2010

e-SPECS v6.0 coming soon...for Revit

Here's one of my favorite peripheral programs for Revit. Why every Revit firm isn't investing in e-SPECS yet is beyond me. Why would you want to manually piece together your specifications when you can automate the process? Contact me if you'd like a quote.

e-SPECS v6.0 Coming Soon!

New e-SPECS functionality, enhancements and updates continue to be developed ensuring the highest return on investment possible to our customers. e-SPECS v6.0 will include new Keynoting Management at the master and project levels with assignment of those coordinated keynotes to Revit families and materials directly through the e-SPECS Revit Plug-In Console. For spec writers not familiar with BIM, the e-SPECS Revit Console provides access to the critical information and functionality without the need to learn Revit.
e-SPECS v6.0 will also include enhanced BIM integration enabling last minute changes to the BIM model to be synchronized with the written project manual with reporting of model updates.
Imported sections (e.g. consultant sections) and e-SPECS Checklist inserted sections can be associated with Revit families for easy access to view and mark-up those sections directly in Revit.
e-SPECS v6.0 will also include the ability to manage and associate project files (pdf, xls, doc, html, etc.) through the e-SPECS engine providing easy access to project data directly within Revit. The coordination and collaboration is valuable not only on the specifications, but also the design options, as-built, facility management, estimating and construction modeling.
The current e-SPECS v5.1 (released earlier this year) Startup Screen automatically indicates when new versions are available and we will also send the traditional email notification.

e-SPECS Newsletter - Sept 2010 :: InterSpec, Inc | MyNewsletterBuilder


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