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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Inside the System: Connecting to a Panel - Revit MEP

You're all using Revit MEP engineers aren't you? No? Why not?

Source: http://inside-the-system.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/09/connecting-to-a-panel.html

Here's a quick tip that may simplify your circuiting process.
When selecting a panel while circuiting, you may have noticed that the order of the panels on the Options bar is ordered based on the distance from the selected devices to the various panels... i.e., panels on the top of the list are closer than panels near the bottom. As you circuit in various areas of your building, this order likely changes:
With the order changing, it may require a bit of dilligence to make sure you are selecting the proper panel.
However, did you know that instead of selecting from the list, you can select the panel from within the model... even if it is in a different view?
If you are going to be circuiting primarily to a certain panel, you can create a separate view with just that panel in it, then, as you circuit, select the panel in that view (instead of from the list). For example, if you have already defined all your circuits, and now need to select the panel to connect them to, you may configure your views as shown below.
Now, as you circuit your various devices, after you click 'Select Panel', instead of selecting from the list, you click in the panel view to activate it, then select the specific panel. No more paning in the model to find the panel, or searching in the list.


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