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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Model Groups and View Phase Reminder - The Revit Clinic

Source: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/09/model-groups-and-view-phase-reminder.html

Elements inside a model group retain the phase created and phase demolished properties as other Revit elements do. This is important to keep in mind when creating a new instance of a model group.


When inserting an instance of a model group, the elements will be created based on the current view phase. For example, if the view phase is Existing, and you create a new instance of a model group, all elements inside the group will be set to Phase Created: Existing. The model group itself does not have a phase, only the elements grouped. Edit the group to verify the element[s] phase.

This is useful when troubleshooting a view [for example when groups appear to be missing in the view].

Set the view Phase Filter temporarily to None in order to see all elements regardless of their phase properties.


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