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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Revit Services & Support - Subscription Advantage Pack for #Revit 2011 Installation

Don't get so excited.  Revit server only works in one company.  You can't use it with your engineers and consultants.  BIM Shear!

Published date: 2010-Sep-24 
ID: TS15736307

Applies to:
Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2011
Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2011
Autodesk® Revit® Structure 2011

System Requirements

This Subscription Advantage Pack consists of two separate components: an application update, Revit 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack, and a server component, called Revit Server 2011. An installation of Revit Server may function as a local server or a central server. However this document does not draw any distinction between the two, as the installation and removal requirements are essentially the same for both.

Revit Subscription Advantage Pack

Verify that you have applied Revit 2011 Update Release 2 onto your installed version of Revit 2011 product.

Revit Server 2011

Systems hosting Revit Server 2011 must have:

Microsoft Windows Server® 2008, 64 bit (not 2008 R2) 
Microsoft IIS 7.0 
Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 
Refer to the Revit Sever Installation Guide supplemental documentation for more detail on system prerequisites.

Revit Server Administrator requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer. The Silverlight plug-in will also be installed as a byproduct of using this application.


Before you install, verify that Windows Update is not in progress. If Windows Update has installed or updated files and the system is pending restart, restart your system before attempting installation. 

Revit 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack

  1. Download and run the file to extract the files to a temporary directory.
  2. Once the files have been extracted the setup automatically begins. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Revit Server 2011

  1. Verify that you have enough disk space (approx. 250 MB) in a folder on your computer to extract the Revit Server 2011 installation files.
  2. Verify the following:
    • The Revit Server prerequisites have been installed. (Refer to the Revit Sever Installation Guide supplemental documentation for more detail.)
    • Internet Information Services (IIS) is properly installed and running.
    • Using the Microsoft Server Manager, make sure the following role services are installed for the Application Server role:
      • TCP Port Sharing
      • TCP Activation
      • Using the Microsoft Server manager, make sure the following role services are installed for the Web Server role:
        • ASP
        • CGI
        • Server Side Includes.
  3. Download the Revit Server install file and extract the files to a temporary directory.
  4. Once the files have been extracted, open the temporary directory, locate setup.exe, and run the setup program. Follow the onscreen instructions.


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