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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 Things to Know About Revit Server - The #Revit Clinic

There seems to be a lot of questions and excitement about the new Revit Server extension out there.  Today, I'd like to talk about some of the differences between using Revit Server and using the typical file based worksharing method. 
Here are 10 things that are different about Revit Server.  I'd love to hear what you think of these.   
  1. Creating Local files - The only way to create a local file from a Central model on Revit Server, is through the Revit open dialog.  You cannot create a local file using Windows Explorer or any other way other than the check box to create new local.  This means that any scripts you have for copying a central file to create a local file will not work with Revit Server.
  2. Editing Request - With a project using Revit Server, the Editing Request button is grayed out and not available. 
  3. Worksharing Monitor - With Revit Server, in part because editing requests are not available, the worksharing monitor will not function to give you notications about the model.  To handle times when you would normally place a editing request, you can use a Instant Messaging Application to communicate with others on the project. 
  4. Working at Risk - Otherwise known as taking a local file home and working on it and being able to bring in back and syncing with center, is not fesible with a Revit Server project.
  5. Thumbnails of the Central Model - When you are creating a local model or opening the central model from Revit Server, thumbnail previews are not available for the file. 
  6. No right click in the open dialog for the Revit Server - Unlike the normal open dialog in Revit, you will not be able to right click within the Revit Server window.  Also, the meta data available on a central model in Revit Server is limited to only the Name, Type, and Date of the file. 
  7. Folder Management must be done with the Revit Server Adminstrator- You must use the adminstrator to create new folders, move or copy/cut/paste projects for Revit Server.  These options are not available via the open dialog in Revit.
  8. Overwriting the Central model - Perviously it was possible to save over a central file using the same name, with Revit Server, this is not possible.  You must save the central model with a new name or delete or rename the orignal central model. 
  9. Recent Files List - Only Local files will appear on the Recently used files list for Revit.  Central models will not appear. 
  10. Restore Backups of Central - You cannot roll back to  a backup of the Central file using the Restore backups tool within Revit.  Local files can be rolled back to a previously saved version, but Central Models cannot.   
Revit Server worksharing is about sharing models across a WAN with mutliple offices.  Typical file based worksharing is still available for use if you feel it is the right option for you. 
To get a better idea about Revit Server, check out this video:


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