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Monday, October 18, 2010

2011: What AutoCAD features are not available in AutoCAD for Mac

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Source: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/item?siteID=123112&id=15833488&linkID=15839490

Published date: 2010-Oct-14
ID: TS15833488

Applies to:
AutoCAD® for Mac® 2011

You are familiar with AutoCAD 2011 (for Windows) and you want to know
what features are not available in the first release of AutoCAD 2011
for Mac.

Although AutoCAD 2011 for Mac is based on AutoCAD 2011, it was written
to be a native Mac application.  As such, it is a new and separate
product and not simply a port from the Windows version.  In the first
release of this new product, there are some features and functionality
that exist in AutoCAD 2011 that are not yet available in AutoCAD 2011
for Mac, including (but not limited to):

3DWalk, 3DFly, and animation support
Action Recorder and playback of Action Macros
Batch Standards Checker and the ability to use cad standards
CAD Manager Tools
'Classic' dialogs for image, xref, and layers
Custom dictionaries
Data Extraction Wizard [EATTEXT] (Attribute extraction can still be
done using –ATTEXT)
dBConnect and Datalink support
DGN support
Digitally signing drawings or notification when opening digital signed drawings
Digitizer support
Drawing Recovery Manager
DWF support
Dynamic block authoring
Editable drawing properties [DWGPROPS]
eTransmit and Archive
Express Tools
Extended tooltips
FBX import/export
Filter and Quick Select
Geographic location support
In-place editing of blocks or xrefs [REFEDIT]
Layer filters
Layer notification
Layer State Manager (fundamental layer state operations can still be
performed using the stAte option in the -LAYER command or using the
(layerstate-xxx) AutoLISP functions)
Layer Translator
Layer Walk
Layout wizard
Markup Set Manager
Navigation bar and SteeringWheels
OLE objects
Password protecting a drawing or opening password protected drawings
PDF underlay
Plot style configuration
Plotting to file
Point Clouds
Purge dialog (all purge options are still available from the command line)
Quick Properties palette
Reference Manager (the external reference repathing utility)
Share with Autodesk Seek
Sheet Set Manager
Slide creation or viewing
Table style setup
Tool palettes
User Profiles
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
Visual LISP editor
WMF import/export
Xref notification
Other Functionality
Most AutoLISP will work unless it includes Windows calls (using .NET)
or uses DCL dialogs
Most ARX applications will work unless it includes MFC or .NET calls
No import or export of CUI customization
There is only one workspace
Visual styles must be created at the command line
Sun Properties palette and Visual Styles managers are merged with the
Properties Inspector
Camera objects cannot be created
Materials cannot be edited or created and you can not adjust the way a
material maps on an object [MATERIALMAP]
Tessellation for new 3D mesh objects must be set via the command line
Rendering options are limited (no Advanced Render Settings palette or
Limited editing and style support for Multilines
PC3 plot files may work but will depend on whether or not it uses
proprietary drivers
Page sizes are referenced differently between AutoCAD 2011 and AutoCAD
for Mac 2011
CUI editor may include commands that are not actually available
Command auto-completion may offer commands that are not actually available
System variables for missing features may still exist and be editable
but will have no affect if the accompanying feature is not included.
They have been kept to help preserve scripting compatibility.


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