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Friday, October 15, 2010

#BIM Mobile

It's been a while since I've posted a picture of my son on my blog.
Since JR's photo is at the top of my blog, and I've had over 1.4
million views of my blog, I'm pretty sure that JR is recognized all
around the world, at least by anyone interested in BIM. I'm not sure
how he's going to feel about that in a few years, but he's so darned
adorable, I hope you don't mind my exploiting him for the benefit of
blogging about BIM, but I've found that raising a child is like
implementing BIM.

When you have your first child, you really have no idea what you're
doing. You try things, say things, and are implementing the
foundation of your child's future. When do you know if you're doing
the right things? What are the risks and rewards. Do you keep your
child locked up in the house to protect him from external dangers? As
many of you know, your first child changes your life forever. There's
no way to really explain that to others and it's something that you
just do, without the experience of having done it before.

It's kind of like implementing BIM. Others are doing it. They figure
it out on their own and we all hope for the best. With the adoption
of BIM, you just have to do all the planning you can, do the research,
but in the end, you just have to start somewhere, before it's too

On a side note, since JR is 2 years and 8 months old, he's at that
perfect age that is making me want to spend all of my free time with
him and that's been taking away from the blog. It's been quite the
challenge to balance my time between BIM, family, work and JR, and
it's exhausting, but thankfully, I have the energy level to try to do
it all.

So, on to the reason for this post in the first place. If you look at
the picture below, you;ll see that it is the BIMmobile. How can you
tell? Well, just look the windshield on the car. Say the word out
loud and slowly. It says "CAD I Lack". Thus you're looking at the
BIMmobile. JR is having a blast in the photo, and in case you're
wondering, the girls in the photo are a friend of ours daughters. I
don't think I could manage a second child right now with everything
else going on.

Thanks for reading all of this and I hope the photo brings a smile to
your face like is does to me every time I see it.


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