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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Capturing the Revit Sun Path - The #Revit Clinic

Source: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/10/capturing-the-revit-sun-path.html

Quick tip for Revit Architecture 2011 and the Sun Path. By default the Sun Path is for an on-screen visual representation. So while you can see and interact with it in the view, it will not print, render, or export to formats such as DWF or Solar Studies.

However, you can capture the sun path in images should you wish to utilize it for solar studies. The trick is to export to an image format, which will include the sun path.

For example, enable the Sun Path in the view and set the date\time as needed.

Then right-click on the view in the Project Browser > Save to Project as Image.

Specify the name, options and image quality. After you click OK the view will be saved as a new image under the Project Browser > Renderings.


Adjust the Date\Time as needed and repeat the process to save additional views.
These image views could then be dragged to a sheet to organize a solar study:

Alternatively, you could potentially create an animation should this be the desired end result. Instead of saving to the project as an image, you could Export > Images and Animations > Image. Once you have the still exported images you could combine them in an application such as Windows Movie Maker.

Just to recap, this process would only be necessary to capture the sun path.
Otherwise the standard Revit solar studies and animations would capture everything else.
Original: Capturing the Revit Sun Path


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