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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Freeing #Bim

Repost from IES iesve.com:

Today we're pinching our blog from our MD's own site

Speaking at a recent Autodesk BIM conference Paul Morrell, the UK Government's chief construction adviser said "We have commissioned a team drawn from BIM users across the industry, both clients and suppliers, and software developers, to prepare a route map that shows how we can make a progressive move to the routine use of BIM. I am convinced that this is the way to unlock new ways of working that will reduce cost and add long-term value to the development and management of built assets in the public sector".

Mr. Morrell said that the findings of this team will be available in March next year and that he "hopes and believes it will mark the beginning of a commitment to a timed programme of transformation".

It is great that not only the UK government but many governments such as Singapore and Government Agencies such as the GSA in the US strongly promote BIM.

Consequently, I think it is time for Governments throughout the world to push BIM to accelerate the need for transformation in the construction industry.  I believe a number of governments should fully fund the research and develop of their own BIM products.  These BIM products should be made free to the construction industry to facilitate the required transformation.

Furthermore these new BIM product should be made mandatory for all government projects which will encourage their uptake in the industry.

The cost of the development of these BIM systems will pale into insignificance compared to the benefits of providing free BIM to the industry.

I strongly suggest you petition your local government officials to fund your national free BIM tool to be developed ASAP.

And we concur! (and not just because he is our boss!)

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J October 23, 2010 at 12:45 AM  

"reduce cost and add long-term value to the development and management of built assets"... that is true but I'd frame it as "increase owner profits"... I love Executive speak!!!

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