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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photo Scene Editor: Can I delete a photo? - It is Alive in the Lab

Project Photofly is our web service that converts collections of photographs into 3D models. The Photo Scene Editor is a small Windows application that you install on your computer to upload images and work with the photo scene that is returned by the service. You can export your photo scene to DWG using the Photo Scene Editor.
When you upload photos, the Project Photofly service stitches together as many images as it can when creating your photo scene. For images where the service could not determine where they belong, you can use the Photo Scene Editor to identify 4 common points in pictures to have the unused photo added to the scene. But what if you want to remove a photo from the photo set?
Over in the Project Photofly discussion forum, Labs community member,Ged Trias, asked a question:
    Is there a way to delete images from an RZI file?
Project Photofly Software Engineer, Stephane Nullins, replied:
    There is a way to delete the cameras in the 3D view. Deleting a camera also deletes its associated photo. In the Photo Scene Editor edit menu, there is a Selection Filter sub-menu, that allows you to select cameras. When the selection Tool is activated, the contextual menu allows you to change the selection filter too.
  1. Set the selection filter to Camera or All.
  2. Select the camera(s) to delete, and press Del. They will be deleted from the project.
So there it is. You can remove a photo from your photo set. The most frequent need for this is a photo that is unintentionally included in an otherwise consistent set.
Answering those FAQs is alive in the lab.


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