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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pushing back on mediocre professors - #Revit

This one's for the Revit Kid.  Jeff, how many of your college professors are teaching Revit and BIM?  Or, is it all AutoCAD and Rhino?  Are they even teaching technology at other architectural schools?  One of my favorite stories I heard at BIM Forum was the group that graduated college (all very proficient in Revit of course) and started their own brand new architectural firm.  All they needed to do was hire an architect who could seal their drawings.  Imagine trying to compete against a young 100% Revit firm while your company is still using AutoCAD 2006.  What a competitive advantage you'd have telling your client how your 2D workflow, tons of RFIS and incomplete drawings was the way to go.  Welcome to the future.



The vast majority of email I get from college students is filled with disgust, disdain and frustration at how backwards the system is. Professors who neither read nor write blogs or current books in their field. 

.... And most of all, about professors who treat new ideas or innovative ways of teaching with contempt.

"This is costing me a fortune, prof! Push us! Push yourself!


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