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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rotational Parameters in a Conceptual Mass Family - The #Revit Clinic

Approaches for adding rotational parameters, in a family, are one of our more common inquiries. 
I have created a video below for one of these scenarios, where you want to rotate an element to a specific angle in a family.  The best recommendation, for any family rotation, is to host the element on a reference line and add an angular dimension.  I used a conceptual mass form as an example to show this process.
The following is a recap of the steps from the video, with the full video example embedded below:
1.  Add levels as needed, and then add a reference line which will serve as host for rotation.
2.  Copy the reference line to other levels, and then align & constrain the reference line endpoint to the intersection of the 2 default family reference planes.
3.  Reference lines should be hosted on the related level.
4.  Add angular dimension between reference plane and reference line for each level; flex to test rotation.
5.  Next add specific geometry you wish to rotate with the reference line.  Use reference lines versus model lines for optimal consistency. 
6.  Ensure to select the reference line geometry > Host > Pick Host, and select the reference line with the angular parameter.  This will set the reference line as the host, and rotate all geometry with the reference line.
7.  From there you can add additional parameters for each level of geometry for width, depth, etc as needed.  Select the geometry and use Create Form lastly to generate the form.
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