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Friday, October 8, 2010

"Super #Revit Families" - Are they Good? - JasonGrant.Squarespace.com

Source: http://jasongrant.squarespace.com/jason-grant-blog/2010/10/8/super-revit-families-are-they-good.html
David Fano from Case and Design Reform brought up a good question on my last post about user research, "Have you found "super" families to be lighter than separate files?"
The simple answer is yes but I to had my reservations about them also when I first started creating super families.  Will they create a heavier model or slow down regeneration?  So to figure out the answer since testing this type of thing is difficult to create an accurate base line, I gave a shout out to some of the guys at Autodesk.  This is part of the response I recieved:
In families I would break down performance in to two different areas; graphic regeneration and model regeneration. The file size is only indication of the performance impact, it is not actual impact.  As an example a highly complex model might be large in file size but the amount of faces is what actually effects the graphic regeneration.  So if those faces are not visible in the view the performance hit is minimal. 
Read more: http://JasonGrant.squarespace.com/jason-grant-blog/2010/10/8/super-revit-families-are-they-good.html


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