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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Updated BrowsePhotosynth for AutoCAD plugin Now Available

Source: http://labs.blogs.com/its_alive_in_the_lab/2010/10/updated-browsephotosynth-for-autocad-plugin-now-available.html

The DevTechs perform live 5 days a week.
As reflected on the updates page, Kean Walmsley and the DevTechs (Wow that sounds like a 60's band.) have been responding to feedback:
This latest release fixes a problem where sometimes the user would get a "0 points downloaded" message (as reported via the labs.plugins@autodesk.com feedback alias). It also only imports the "primary" point cloud, which cleans up the models a great deal since Photosynth can have multiple point clouds in a synth, and they are meant to be separate because the Photosynth system has not been able to position them relative to one another. In the previous versions the plugin was just placing them on top of one another, which was incorrect.
By the way, the dates associated with plugins of the month are located on the updates page. The details as to what changed are documented in the Read Me text file for each affected plugin. For example, the one for BrowsePhotosynth looks like:
1.0 Original release
1.0.1 Update to work on locales with comma as the decimal separator
1.0.2 Modified the F# processing code to reduce the chances of the "0 points" message; Adjusted the logic to only download the primary point cloud of a particular synth
Wowing the crowd via successive improvement is alive in the lab.


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