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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Updated Project Bluestreak Now Available

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The Project Bluestreak team released an update yesterday. Recall that Project Bluestreak is a technology preview on Labs that helps distributed AEC project teams collaborate informally with self-organizing groups and coordinate their work with real-time communication. With this new release, Project Bluestreak now combines team communication with automated notifications from Revit Server and supports collaboration from the desktop or the web. To see for yourself how Project Bluestreak changes how AEC teams collaborate, navigate to:


Yesterday's release has three key features.

  1. This latest update includes a Bluestreak Desktop that runs run in a compact window. This is handy for running it alongside any Autodesk or other desktop application so you can stay connected with your distributed AEC team. The Bluestreak Desktop provides real-time communication and automated application notifications.

  2. The Revit Activity Stream app connects Autodesk Revit to Project Bluestreak cloud services. This helps distributed teams more effectively collaborate as they work on a shared Building Information Model. For users of the new Revit Server technology, this app replaces the older Revit Worksharing Monitor.

  3. This update also allows you to use your Autodesk Single Sign-On credentials as your Project Bluestreak login. This is the same user name and password that you already use to:

    We are happy to add Project Bluestreak to the list.

Facilitating AEC team collaboration is alive in the lab.


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