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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wall Paint Glossy, Wall Paint Matte, and Paint Render Appearances - The #Revit Clinic - Tips

In Revit 2011 you may have noticed 3 included render appearance categories for paint which you may apply to wall elements.  I've organized some example images and information below to illustrate the differences in output and options for these render appearances:

Wall Paint – Glossy & Wall Paint – Matte

Wall Paint Glossy and Matte contain the same 3 options when specified as the render appearance:

Color, Finish & Application


For Color, you specify the desired paint color.  

For Finish, there are 6 levels for paint glossiness:

1 – Flat/Matte
2 - Eggshell
3 - Platinum
4 - Pearl
5 – Semi-gloss
6 – Gloss

When you choose Wall Paint – Glossy, it is set to the highest at 6.  When you choose Wall Paint – Matte, it is set at the lowest at 1.  The render appearances have this option pre-set.

For Application, there are 3 pre-sets which add fine bump maps to replicate the method the paint was applied to the wall:

Roller  - Adds fine bumps
Brush – Adds streaks
Spray – Smooth appearance

Below are the Finish examples [notice the level of light \ fixture \ floor reflection on wall paint].  From left [1 – Flat/Matte] to right [6 - Gloss]:


Larger Image


Paint, is based on the generic render appearance.  I would recommend using this render appearance if you do not want to utilize the finish \ application settings of the wall paint and instead simply specify standard color, image fade, glossiness & highlight settings.


Attached is a previous post on Image Fade.


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