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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#ArchiCAD or #Revit: Even Octopus Prefers Both!

A group of students aspires to become architects. As part of school curriculum they formed design teams, designed a building and presented it to a room full of practicing architects. One of the design team leaders was describing how they designed their project. He started talking about BIM - the whole project was designed with BIM. An architect in the back of the room raised his hand to ask "Why didn't you design in CAD?" The design team's response was "What's that?" and the room became quiet. The very incident suggests that the landscape in design and construction industry is changing rapidly. As revolutionary as BIM is, there are some architects, designers, students who believe the old way of designing and constructing buildings is better. This belief often comes from those who haven't been part of the BIM revolution. We will unveil the hidden treasure of BIM modeling and explain why transitioning to the BIM process is a worthy decision for architects, designers, structural engineers and construction professionals (read Building Information Modeling: A Valuable Tool for Home Builders).

BIM is a bigger leap. BIM is a revolution in the AEC industry. Perhaps the biggest change in architectural design and construction management since computers became available for common office use. In these economic times, we need to focus on innovation not retrenching into old traditions if we want to sustain. BIM is inevitable in AEC industry. If you haven't been able to use it yet, don't worry, you will. But, before transitioning to the process, read a couple things that might help you - (a) Don't equate BIM with BIM utility; (b) Don't think Revit is only player in the BIM world. There are many players available. Selection of right and suitable software contributes to the BIM process. 

Continue reading the rest:  ArchiCAD or Revit: Even Octopus Prefers Both!


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