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Monday, November 15, 2010

#Autodesk - Project Vasari now available for download. #Revit, #BIM and #LEED in the Cloud


Freeform modeling with cloud computing allows concepts from brain to model with lightning speed

Giorgio Vasari was an Italian painter, writer, historian and architect who was born in 1511 and died in 1574. He is remembered for his biographies of other Italian artists and is considered the founder of art-historical writing. In his honor, Project Vasari is the name of the latest technology preview on Autodesk Labs.

Project Vasari is a freeform modeling tool with analysis capabilities available via the cloud. Project Vasari is compatible with Revit in that files created by Project Vasari can be opened using Revit 2011, and Revit files can be opened by Project Vasari. There are some limitations in that, as a conceptual modeler, Project Vasari does not support some features (e.g., detailed model elements such as walls, windows, doors, etc.) The thinking is that you would start with Project Vasari and then continue with Revit 2011 to make more detailed models - not the other way around.

As we did with the Inventor Fusion Technology Preview, Project Vasari is available in two forms: a streaming download and a full download. Both do not require an install!


  1. Streaming: Sandboxing is a technology that packages an application and the applications pre-requisites into a single executable, allowing users to download and run a single file instead of downloading and running an installer. Streaming is a technology that allows that sandbox to be built over time instead of all at once. When the user runs a steaming executable, the application is run in an isolated environment that has controlled access to the operating system. As the user uses parts of the application that have not been downloaded yet, they are automatically downloaded and added to the sandbox.

  2. Full: A full download of the sandbox executable is available. The download is about 400MB.

The Labs page for Project Vasari features some YouTube videos. For those without YouTube access, here are some alternative links:

Watch Navigation Download Navigation
Watch Selection Download Selection
Watch Workplane Download Workplane
Watch Drawing Download Drawing
Watch Create Form Download Create Form
Watch Edit Mass Download Edit Mass
Watch BIM Download BIM

So please give Project Vasari a try. Let us know what you think atlabs.vasari@autodeskcom or get into the real community spirit and participate in the Facebook discussion forum. Although we love getting your emails and respond swiftly, when you use the forum, everyone gets to see both the questions and the answers. Project Vasari will be available on Autodesk Labs until May 15, 2011.

Writing our own art history is alive in the lab.


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