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Monday, November 15, 2010

#BIM Copyright vs Copy Write vs Copy Wrong

I just got off the phone with a contractor who we're in the process of implementing BIM with.  Part of the discussion was how the architects they've always worked with never want to give up their drawings.  The excuse is always the liability (or my invented word, "LieAbility") that prevents them from let others have access to the drawings.

For the few that share their drawings, the contractor has to sign a legal waiver, sign over their next 12 mortgage payments and keys to their car in order to work with the drawings. So, as he was saying Copyright, my brain was creating the word Copy Wrong.  There's also a phrase called Copy Write.  Those are people who create content.  That content can be Copyrighted.  

What about the people that create documents with incorrect information? Is that Copy Wrong? I think I figured it out.  CAD is Copy Wrong and BIM is Copy Write.  No matter what you've copyrighted, if you did it in CAD, you don't want anyone else to see the mistakes so you make them jump through hoops in order to have access to the documents.  If you did it with BIM, you know everything fits, is corrected dimensioned and you're happy to share the model because you have nothing to be afraid of and know the quality of your 100% Construction Documents.

If you refused to share your documents with the contractor, wouldn't you think you'd end up with more liability and problems during construction because they have to redo everything from scratch?  Wouldn't that create more potential errors from the fabrication drawings.  What happens when they do find conflicts?  That just means more RFIs and Change Orders and that leads to more problems for you.

Where am I going with all of this? I have no idea.  But I do know that this whole "my design is copyrighted and I can't give you the dwgs or BIM model" argument is bullshit and isn't going to get you a lot of business in the future BIM only world.

Let's summarize, lawyers are copyrighters and CAD Operators and users are copywrongers.

Of course, this blog post is copyrighted and I'll sue you and your future great grandchildren if you even think about using any of this or even mentioning the word "Copy Wrong" to anybody.  Just kidding.  Please share this with others and just make sure to give me credit for it in conversation (like "hey I just read the coolest blog post on Revit3D.com, you have to check it out").  Thanks, and I hope this gave you something to think about today.

Almost forgot, here's a link to the differences in the words: http://www.ehow.com/how_5276493_distinguish-between-copyright-copywrite.html


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