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Friday, November 5, 2010

CAD Blocking - Another happy #BIM story

I just got off the phone with my father who is the owner's rep for
several car dealership groups in South Florida. He's been following
my BIM journey for the past 6 years and today I got some great news.

First, one of the groups he's been working with had been using the
same architect for several years. They had given a $50,000 renovation
project to them and my dad said "the plans look like they were drawn
by a 12 year old." I've been telling him to try to get a Revit
Architecture architect in there and they were so annoyed with the
problems, coordination issues and lack of responsiveness, that my
favorite local architect finally got to meet with the group.

I'll quote here exactly what they dealership decision maker said. "My
God, I can actually see what the building is going to look like." So,
not only have I CAD blocked a firm who doesn't care about the owner's
needs, I've officially helped one of my customers get new business.
Larry, you can thank me later. The sad part to all of this is that
the other architect told my dad that they have Revit, but they don't
have the time to learn it. I'm sure they'll have plenty of time now
that owners are asking, no, demanding BIM from their teams. I'm sure
this new architect will make sure to use a Revit MEP firm to make sure
that my father is happy and this would help guarantee that he gets
more work.

The other car group has agreed to meet with this same architect next
week. The dealership had recently finished another project that was
$17 million. Of course, there were $1.8 million in change orders on
the project from errors and omissions. Here's where the conversation
with my dad took a strange turn. He said the owner is very price
conscious about how much they pay for the plans. I argued about how
they should pay more for BIMprints knowing that it would reduce change
orders and time for the project. It's illogical to not be willing to
pay more for a better design up front, if it could lower construction
costs and reduce errors on the project.

We've come so far, yet we still have such a long way to go. Since I
know he reads my blog daily, I'll ask him here the question I always
ask him. Larry, did your old reseller ever help you get projects? It
makes me so proud to not just sell boxes of software, but to be able
to be out there working with owners and contractors to help make the
BIM workflow and process better. So, Larry, isn't it time to invest
in some Navisworks, Solibri and IES software?

...and for the rest of you using Revit, aren't you glad that you
finally have a software tool that can help you win work and make more
money at the same time?


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