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Monday, November 29, 2010

CM at Risk Rant ` #BIM

I was having lunch today with James McKenzie, a BIM consultant, AU 2010 speaker and a very knowledgeable expert in the AEC industry.  We must have talked for 2 hours about our passion for BIM, the past, present and future of the AEC industry and how it relates to BIM.

One of the things that's been bothering me lately, and one of our topics were architecture and construction contracts.  Where did we go wrong with requiring, but not always receiving 100% construction documents, and who's idea was it to put a note in the plans or specs that "requires contractor to verify all coordination issues" and make it all of the GC and subcontractors responsibility to build the building.
So, we were talking about risk.  Why is everything in construction a risk?  Do you fly American "At Risk" Airlines or go to Bank of "At Risk" America.  Why is there a contractor called CM at Risk.  Why does the contractor have to risk everything to try to make the building get built on time and on budget if he isn't given all of the information necessary to bid and build the project.
What we really need is a CM at Reward contractor.  Isn't that what IPD is all about?  Reward people for good behavior.  Pay people to finish the job on time, on budget and work together as a team, collaborating and sharing all of their knowledge to have a rewarding career.

What do you do to reward your team?  Are you rewarded for reducing conflicts on the plans?  Are you rewarded from finding clashes earlier in the process.

What if a contractor took a set of CAD drawings, completely modeled it in Revit and found $2 million dollars in potential change orders.  If they hadn't done that, they'd have made $200,000 in fees on those change orders.  What if the owner paid the contractor extra to find all of the mistakes and gave them the $200,000 to BIMify the project and reduce any delays from the potential change orders.  Wouldn't that be a great reward?  What if the owner paid the architect extra money to reduce conflicts and change orders.  

What if.....it's more like when will.....I hope you've found this to be a blog post of reward.


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