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Thursday, November 11, 2010

FDA Proposes More Graphic Warning Labels For Cigarettes ~ Will they do the same soon for CAD? - #BIM Humor

I think we need something like this for the A/E industry before it goes down in flames.  How about something like CAD causes Change Orders with a picture of a big stack of RFIs sitting on an architect's desk.  Would that get you to switch to BIM?  Have a look and decide.

In an effort to convince cigarette smokers to quit -- and to stop potential smokers from picking up a pack -- the FDA's Dept. of Health and Human Services has proposed a series of larger, more graphic warnings for cigarette packs and advertising.

The three images above (NOTE: That is the FDA's crude Photoshop work, not ours... for once) are just a sampling of the 36 ideas being considered by the agency. The range of warnings go from the general "Cigarettes are addictive" to the blunt "Smoking can kill you."
After the final warning labels are selected in June, after which tobacco companies will have 15 months to start including them on the front and back of all packaging.

Additionally, tobacco companies must dedicated at least 20% of each ad to one of the new warnings.
If you want to check out all the possible warnings, here's a PDF.
Proposed Cigarette Product Warning Labels [FDA.gov]


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