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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

IESVE: Our FREE VE-SBEM has been approved for Part L 2010 - No hidden charges & no fee per lodgement! http://ow.ly/3emCK

A special gift from IES:

We're the only company with approved Part L 2010 SBEM & DSM solutions

We’re delighted to announce that with the approval of our free VE-SBEM tool for compliance with SBEM v4.0c by the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) on Friday 29th October 2010, we are the only company to currently offer approved SBEM and DSM solutions for Part L 2010.

Free VE-SBEM - No hidden charges & no fee per lodgement!

VE-SBEM is our completely free front-end interface that provides a 3D graphical route to the non-dwelling UK compliance SBEM engine. It’s the most sophisticated and the only entirely free to use link to SBEM with no hidden charges and no fee per lodgement.
If you’re a Google SketchUp™, Autodesk® Revit® or existing IES user you don’t need any other software in order to access free VE-SBEM. You can also easily add other UK compliance and performance analysis, so you can compare and contrast how meeting compliance criteria actually affects the building’s performance.
Help and advice with using VE-SBEM is available from the integrated ‘Help’ section. Plus, you can purchase low cost technical support credits to gain direct access to our friendly support team.

Get your copy of VE-SBEM today

Follow the instructions below to access the latest version of free VE-SBEM.
I’m a VE-Ware customer using VE-SBEM for UK Compliance You’ll need to uninstall your existing VE-Ware installation and download new software to perform Part L 2010 compliance and EPC simulations. Click here for full details.
I’m a VE-Pro userVE-SBEM is free within VE-Pro. VE6.2.0.1 has been approved for compliance with SBEM v4.0c.Click here to upgrade your existing VE6.2 installation to version If you do not have VE6.2 installed please download the full version here.
I’m new to the VEPlease visit our web site to register to download the latest version today.

Free Display Energy Certificate (DEC) application also approved

is our free web-based DEC application offering the ability to produce DECs and the related Advisory Reports, as well as facilitate lodgement. Version 4.0 was approved by CLG on 9th November 2010 and incorporates a number of new features including additional benchmarks which have been added after the recent CIBSE review. Visit www.iesdec.com to discover more. 

VE-DSM 2010 - The only approved DSM solution for Part L 2010

Our VE-DSM 2010 tool was granted approval on 1st October 2010. VE-DSM is a paid for Dynamic Simulation Model (DSM) solution incorporating the NCM modelling requirements enabling you to run Part L2A 2010 compliance calculations and generate BRUKL documents for non-domestic buildings of all complexities. Contact sales@iesve.com or call 0141 945 8500 if you’d like further information.
To see all our software that has been approved for Part L 2010 visit www.ukreg-accreditation.org/ND-ApprovedSoftware.php


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