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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inside the System: Duplicate Mark Values - #Revit

When working in a worksharing enviornment, you are likely to come across 'Duplicate Mark Value' warnings. 
As far as I know, there is no negative impact of having these... however, they are annoying, and may cause concern if, for example, you tell your architect that you prefer their models to be 'warning free'.... if you send them a model full of warnings, it becomes a double standard.
To address these, you can use the Revit Model Review Add-in (available on Subscription Center) to define a series of checks.  The video demonstrates how the checkes were defined for a variety of MEP categories.  You can add checks for other categories as necessary.
The checks in the demonstration 'require' that all the Mark values be empty, and the 'Fix' tool in the Model Checker will clear out any non-empty values.  With the values empty, they're not intrepreted as duplicate, and the warnings are cleard.
If you use the Mark parameter for other purposes, such as identifying mechanical equipment (i.e., EF-1, AHU-4-2, etc), you wouldn't want to 'fix' these using the tool (because you would clear out the valid values, in addition to the duplicates).  However, for Duct, Pipe, Conduit, Cable Tray, and associated fittings and accessory, this is a quick and effective way to clear the duplicate mark warnings.
The video is availabe on YouTube.


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