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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Installing Autodesk products and service packs - Tip

I'm meeting this morning with a plumbing subcontractor this morning who is hiring my company to to their Revit plumbing modeling for a project they just won with Suffolk Construction.  The project requires all major trades to do their fabrication drawings in a 3D program for coordination on the project.  This particular subcontractor only has done 2D drawings, so we are once again, becoming the BIM man in the middle and providing BIM modeling, coordination and collaboration between subs and GCs.  

I'll get to the installation tip in a moment.  They asked me what we will be giving them.  Are we including elevations, dimensions, top and bottom elevations of pipes and will we be giving them quantity schedules.  They've never seen Revit or BIM before, so they are interesting questions to be asked.  It's interesting how more and more subcontractors are getting into BIM as the GCs are requiring it to improve the construction workflow and process.

I'm installing Revit MEP on my Macbook Air as we speak (more on that later) so I can show them samples of work we've been doing over the past few years for other GCs and subs.

So, I did something I've never done before.  I clicked on the 'Configure' button as I was installing Revit MEP.  As I kept clicking next on each screen, there was one that asked if I wanted to download the latest service pack to be included in the installation.  I clicked the download button, it downloaded the service pack, I clicked next and started the installation.  Normally, I go to www.revit247.com to get the links to the latest service packs, download them and install them manually.  This new way of doing it makes sure that I get the latest service pack in one easy step.  It's amazing what you can find with a little bit of curiosity.

Ok, it's time to finish up installing Ecotect 2011, QTO 2011, Revit Structure 2011, AutoCAD MEP 2011, Robot Structural Detailing 2011 and Navisworks Manage 2011 on my machine.  I am amazed at how fast software installs on a Solid State Hard Drive. 


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