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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Online License Transfer with AutoCAD for Mac

Ok, so this is totally the wrong blog to be posting this on, but as long as I'm here, I just wanted to let you know that a week ago Monday, I bought a MacBook Air. Having never used a Mac OS before, I have to tell you, I will never go back to Windows again. This machine is awesome. It's fast, boots in 18 seconds, comes back from sleep mode literally in 1 or 2 seconds and everything is lighting fast on the thing.

I've installed Parallels and Windows 7 Professional, so I have Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Revit MEP, Navisworks Manage, Design Review, Ecotect, QTO, AutoCAD MEP and Buzzsaw all loaded on here fine. Oh, almost forgot, AutoCAD for Mac too. I'm not a full time Revit user, mostly using the programs for presentations, demos and to play with the programs. I do my Revit demos, even though my techs don't like that, but I really know my way around Revit. How can anyone not? It's so easy to use. Anyone remember the first time you tried to print something in AutoCAD? How long did that take. Did you go for the bonus round and try to print something in landscape on an HP plotter that had 36" wide paper. Freakin' nightmare to figure out.

Anway, back to the Mac. I've always questioned why anyone would get a Mac since so few people use them. I was wrong. The OS is great. Once I installed RightZoom, the program that automatically makes windows full screen and DragThing that shows all of my open programs, I' pretty much all set. The learning curve was super easy. Autodesk, please make all of your programs run natively on the Mac.

We had a Navisworks Manage class this week and one of the students has a Dell 6400. He was wrapping up his power cord and I asked hi if I could borrow it for a few minutes. I put in on the postage meter scale and it weighed 2.2 lbs. I then put my Macbook Air on the scale and it weighed the same amount. How crazy is it that my laptop weighs the same as just his power supply? I know you full time Revit users will need the Macbook Pro and the Air is more for non full-time design users, but this machine is a work of art.

Revit is the iPhone of design software and my Air is the most elegant piece of technology I've every used. Sure, it's be just as easy to run Bootcamp or Parallels to make the Autodesk products work and it's pretty easy to use Parallels under the Mac OS, but native is native. Let's hope that Autodesk is listening.

PS. I'm still hanging onto my DroidX....at least until Verizon starts selling the iPhone. We'll explore that one later.....

Online License Transfer with AutoCAD for Mac:

Online License Transfer with AutoCAD for Mac


Since the release of AutoCAD 2011 for Mac, I have received a few questions about whether it is possible to do a stand-alone license transfer from one AutoCAD for Mac installation to another, similar to how you can do it on a Windows-based PC.

Online license transfer is not officially supported in the first release of AutoCAD 2011 for Mac and there is no obvious mechanism for doing this, such as a License Transfer Utility icon. That said, the underlying functionality does exist and it can be done using Terminal.

The following solution provides a script that you can use to do a license transfer to/from AutoCAD 2011 for Mac and explains the process:

2011: How to transfer a stand-alone license in AutoCAD for Mac

Note that this is a temporary work-around for this release and the implementation for doing a license transfer will likely change if it becomes officially supported in a future release.

Of course, all the usual restrictions apply: you must have Internet connectivity; you can only transfer licenses between the same product, version and serial number; etc.

If you have general questions about online license transfer you can refer to the following resources:

Online License Transfer FAQ

Online License Transfer in Autodesk 2010 Products


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