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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project Vasari design and analysis update Now Available - It is Alive in the Lab

It is Alive in the Lab

21 hours ago by Scott Sheppard


A new download of Project Vasari is available that includes critical stability and usability fixes. Please note that the streaming install has not been updated yet. This version will be made available in about a week. The portable executable version can simply replace your previous download.

Download Project Vasari design and analysis via Autodesk Labs

Based on your feedback, specifically the team has fixed the following issues:

  • Drawing closed shapes creates a surface automatically
  • Schedules can now be exported
  • Solar Radiation can be run with multiple documents open
  • Additional bug fixes to improve stability

As usual, you can direct any feedback via email at labs.vasari@autodesk.com  or via our discussion forum on FaceBook (facebook.com/projectvasari).

Continuing to make our own art history is alive in the lab.u


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