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Friday, November 12, 2010

Revit Server and the Firewall Exception - The #Revit Clinic

In addition to our previous Revit Server Troubleshooting post, I wanted to include one quick setting to verify below. 

Client workstations will be unable to see a Revit Server as active, which will generate an error message if the Firewall is not configured properly.  Error typically appears as below:


Ensure to verify and set the following Firewall Exception on each Revit Server [Central and Local]:

1.  Revit Server > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Change Settings >Exceptions tab.

2.  Locate File and Printer Sharing.

3.  Ensure the box is checked for every instance of File and Printer Sharing.

4.  Click OK, restart Revit Server.

Even if you originally set this exception properly, make sure to double-check in order to rule out a Windows Update or Group Policy adjusting the value.


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