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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seth's Blog: Laziness ~ #BIM

It's so validating to me when a world famous marketing genius makes a blog post that says the same things that I've been saying.  What is preventing so many people from adopting Revit software and BIM workflow and process?  

It's fear.  Fear of change.  Fear of the unknown. Fear of looking stupid for not being able to learn a new program.  Fear of a new process.  Fear of not being needed because of the new technology (this is happening from CAD operators to project managers to field superintendents).        Fear of not being fast enough with the new software.  Fear of people finding out you're not as skilled as they thought you were.  Fear of not understanding how buildings go together and how to model in Revit.  Fear of not being needed (CAD managers, are you listening?).  

I think the biggest fear is for those who have loudly shunned Revit and BIM because of one of those fears, and then their boss finds out about how much time, money and productivity they could have gained, but were told how horrible Revit was.   Now that their firm has Revit, they're afraid of the consequences of having prevented their firm from adopting BIM much earlier.

I have real stories from customers about this.  One firms IT manager purposefully told the one guy who knew Revit that he couldn't use it or play with it in the office.  End of story? The firm lost 6 design bids in a row because they were asked about their BIM and 3D capabilities and stuttered out lame answers as to why they were using 2D.  As the older generation principals were contemplating using their retirement nest eggs to prop up the company, they instead choses to get bought out by a national architecture firm.  Final irony:  they were required to do all new projects in Revit.  

Yesterday, I had the most amazing conversation with one of the owners of an architecture firm.  He was so tech savvy, so forward thinking and always looking over the horizon as to what new technologies could help their firm become more efficient and grow.  There's a core group of Revit users in the firm and none of the others would embrace it.  What did they do?  They've started hiring new staff who already knew Revit.  They're going to lay off the 2D year olds who refused to implement Revit.  

If that doesn't scare you and give you the ultimate fear, then I don't know what will.  Ladies and gentleman, BIM is inevitable.  Resistance is futile (and infantile).  What is worse? The fear of having to work hard and learn something new or the fear of losing your job and being unable to pay your mortgage and lose your home.  That is where we are at.  It's time to spend all of your free time and work time adopting BIM.  It may not seem fair, but it is the new reality.  I see it every day at the customers and prospects I visit.  

But the new laziness has nothing to do with physical labor and everything to do with fear....You're hiding out because you're afraid of expending emotional labor.


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