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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seth's Blog: Where do ideas come from? #BIM

I was meeting with a client one day in Tampa Florida when something very profound happened.  This particular client is an A/E firm using Revit Structure, MEP and Architecture all in house.  Yes, he has a beautiful set of CDs that are very impressive to review.  Page after page of a perfect model that you just know have zero potential RFIs, no conflicts and are filled with accurate information.

As I was drooling on this particular set of documents (uhhh BIM), he takes the set of blueprints and turns the whole set upside down.  He then says to me, Gregory, this is what we start with on every project.  I looked down and looked at him a tad bit puzzled.  He then says "Every project starts with a blank piece of paper."

I've never forgotten those words as every man made object in our world is a byproduct of our imagination.  We have an idea and turn it into a reality.  It is what separates us from our lizard brained animal friends on the planet.  We're not always guided by genetic instinct, but rather by emotion or creativity.  

Yes, it always irks me that so many still don't appreciate the idea of BIM.  Every day, I learn that BIM gets farther and farther away from a piece of software and is more and more based around people, process, collaboration and yes, Revit!  

Many have had BIMlike projects in the past and you can always argue that you can do a BIM project with CAD, but why would you want to?  It just takes so much more effort to make changes, visualize the building and it is just so much harder to create the full set of CDs from that original blank piece of paper.  

Maybe I am "idea"listic, but being a BIM visionary (thanks Steve Jones for telling me that I am), but look at all of the technology in our world and how much better it theoretically makes everything we do.  That should include your design modeling software too.  

Anyway, please read Seth's entire post at the link below.  We are nothing without our ideas and creativity.  Every building you build depends on it.

An idea must come from somewhere, because if it merely stays where it is and doesn't join us here, it's hidden. And hidden ideas don't ship, have no influence, no intersection with the market. They die, alone.

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