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Thursday, November 11, 2010

SugarSync Ups Its Free Accounts to 5 GB

If you're not using Sugarsync already, you're nuts!!!  First of all, it backs up all of your documents online.  Secondly, it's an automated way to make ftp folders.  Lastly, you can now have someone else have a shared folder on their computer.  That way, when you save a file, it shows up in their folder.  It's the most amazing thing.  You can also have access to all of your files on most any smartphone and via the web.  You can log in, select a file, and email it to someone.  No more being tied to your desk.

Did I mention that when you save a file to your computer, it can automatically sync to any other computer that you have running sugarsync?  That way, whatever you save on your desktop, will automatically save to your laptop and/or home computer.  By the way, I use Dropbox as well, and Sugarsync kicks it's ass.  Dropbox is so limited to folders and sharing.  I forgot one.  You can make a folder read only or others can add and edit.  That way, you can have a folder that anyone in or out of your office can view files, pdfs, jpgs, etc.

To get your free 5GB account, just go to www.revit3d.com/sugar

Source: http://lifehacker.com/5686392/sugarsync-ups-its-free-accounts-to-5-gb

Windows/Mac (and Android/iPhone/BlackBerry): SugarSync's detailed desktop-to-mobile-and-back syncing service is upping the ante in the cloud storage market, offering free users of its service 5 GB of online space for synced files, across an unlimited number of devices.
The thumbnail difference between SugarSync and the, well, more-publicized Dropbox service is that SugarSync is a bit more hands-on, but therefore also customizable. You can sync most any folder on your system, and choose to have only certain file types synced from those folders, too. You can also just use the service in a one-folder, Dropbox-like fashion, but you'll find it more useful for keeping track of documents scattered across your computer.
The free accounts are available for anyone who signs up, and the upgrade is also free for existing users. 


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