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Friday, November 5, 2010

Troubleshooting Curtain Wall Mullion Alignment - The #Revit Clinic

You have a curtain wall mullion profile family, which is located at the center of the reference planes.

When loaded into the project however, the Width on Side 1 \ 2 is not centered.


This issue should be related to the reference plane[s] and profile geometry being moved from the default location [reference a new "Profile-Mullion.rfa" family].  The default origin is the intersection of the 2 reference planes.

To resolve this you can copy & paste aligned a line from the intersection of the 2 reference planes in the default template to your specific mullion profile, similar to a previous post for section tags.  Then simply move your profile geometry to the original location based on the copied reference.

Alternatively, verify Defines Origin in the Reference Plane Properties is checked.  If it is currently un-checked, check the parameter and reload the family.  After either approach the curtain wall mullion should show the correct width alignment dimensions:



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