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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

UCLA / Caltech researchers help patients move mouse cursors with their brains -- Engadget

Hmmm....brain controlled interfaces?  Sounds a lot like Revit to me.  I wonder if they'll ever come up with a way to make command line entries without using the keyboard.  We can only wait and see.  

It's certainly not a revolutionary new concept -- whiz kids have been tinkering with brain-controlled interfaces foryears on end -- but a collaboration between UCLA scientists and colleagues from the California Institute of Technology has taken the idea one leap closer to commercialization. Itzhak Fried, a professor of neurosurgery at UCLA, kept a close watch (via embedded electrodes) on how a dozen humans reacted to certain images, and eventually, Fried and co. were able to show that Earthlings can "regulate the activity of their neurons to intentionally alter the outcome of stimulation." In other words, they were able to move a mouse cursor with just their mind, and brighten a test image with a 70 percent success rate. By honing the process of controlling what actions occur when focused on a given subject (or input peripheral), it opens up the possibility for paralyzed individuals to not only check their email, but also control prosthetic limbs. It's hard to say when this stuff will be put to good use outside of a hospital, but the video after the break definitely makes us long for "sooner" rather than "later." 


Michelle November 3, 2010 at 5:33 AM  

it's incredible where technology has reached... this is one of the inventions of the decade in my opinion. And especially for the ones that have physical problems and can't access the internet...After all, not surfing on the web you really miss a lot.

Donna November 30, 2010 at 12:09 PM  

yep, it's the technology era, and it's really a good thing even tho people complain about brainwashing bla bla

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