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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Updated Project Neon Now Available - #Autodesk

Project Neon is our rendering service where you can upload your DWG files and get back a rendering from our servers in the cloud. You can learn more about Project Neon at
On Monday night the Project Neon team released an update:
Senior Product Manager, Mark Fritts, gave me the skinny. This update features:
  • Previously Uploaded files: Now you can reuse your previously uploaded designs to create new renderings, without having to upload them again. Just choose a file from the Previously uploaded files list on the Select File page. The latest files you've uploaded appear at the top of the list. If you modify a file locally that has already been uploaded and want to render this new design, Project Neon will keep both the old and the new file so you can always go back to previous versions if you would like.
  • Re-render from existing files: Another way to create a new rendering from your existing work is by clicking on any thumbnail in the Render Gallery. You can create new renderings with new settings from that original DWG file.
  • Sample files: Now you can select from 3 Autodesk-provided sample DWG files right from the Select Files page. This is handy if you want to quickly experience the Project Neon workflow and resulting images.- no upload required.
  • Performance: Our first version of Project Neon technology preview was rendering multiple images simultaneously, but only one image per machine. Now we have scaled the system to allow for a single image to be worked on by multiple machines. This results in a dramatic speed improvement, about 3x, for all rendering jobs.
  • Rendering quality improvements: We are continuously improving the rendering engine that powers Project Neon.
So please give Project Neon a try and let us know what you think via email, the discussion forum, comments on this blog, or the survey.
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