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Thursday, November 11, 2010

#What #the #heck #is #up #with #the #pound/hashtag #sign #on #my #blog #titles

For those of you who subscribe to my blog via email (which you should be if you want to catch up ~ www.revit3d.com/subscribe, you may have noticed that I have the '#' in the title of this and other posts.

For those of you wondering why that's there, I'll explain.  My blog posts automatically get posted to my twitter account (www.twitter.com/revit3d) and the hashtags are used for a means of tagging.

I'll let Twitter explain:
Because Twitter provided no easy way to group tweets or add extra data, the Twitter community came up with their own way: hashtags. A hashtag is similar to other web tags- it helps add tweets to a category. Hashtags have the 'hash' or 'pound' symbol (#) preceding the tag, like so: #traffic, #followfriday, #hashtag. Hashtags can occur anywhere in the tweet: some people just add a # before a word they're using, like so:
So, I've been adding the hashtag/# for BIM, Revit, Autodesk and a few other keywords in order to help spread the word.  It sort of creates an automatic filtering system and is used to filter out the noise.  

Essentially, it's just another way to communicate, collaborate and share information.  Let's call it TIM, Twitter Information Management.  I hope that answers that question for any of you who read my blog.

On a side note, this one's for the RevitKid who's just started on Twitter.  Jeff, don't do it.  Stop.  Unsubscribe.  Although Twitter is great way to communicate with the world, there's just too much information and it's just about impossible to keep up with it all and get anything else done in your life.  I started my Twitter account 2 years ago, just before going to Autodesk University and I've given up trying to read most anything on Twitter.  Between work and this blog, I just don't have the time.  I must say, I have met some great people on Twitter and found a lot of userful information, it's just completely overwhelming, kind of like my trying to send out 1,000 blog posts a year.  If it makes you feel better, I've been holding back on a lot of posts

Imagine if you started using Revit today for the first time.  How would you ever absorb all of the tips, tricks, best practices and forum advice that's already out there?  You just can't.  


fishandchips November 17, 2010 at 6:22 PM  

the answer is install tweetdeck on your desktop pc.

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