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Monday, November 22, 2010

YouTube: Autodesk Labs Technology Previews and Seven Technology Trends #BIM #AU2010

I don't know about you, but I can't think of any other software company that shares their future technology so openly.  Considering that Autodesk is a publicly traded company and that a few others would love to know their secrets, it is pretty incredible not only that they do this, but that they give it away for free.  If you ever wondered where your subscription dollars go or why the software (AutoCAD, Revit and over 80 other programs) isn't $400 instead of $4,000, consider what these technologies do to improve the quality, workflow, process and speed of what you do.  

No, I didn't drink the Kool-Aid, but we are a week away from AU and you will see and hear about new stuff that you will be amazed by.  Sometimes we forget to appreciate the vastness of Autodesk's portfolio, stamina and growth.  I know sometimes I may be a bit harsh about one of their products, but it's actually the people who use these Programs that arevthe problem, not necessarily the software itself.  

Remember, Microsoft doesn't make a novel and screenplay software program.  If you've seen some of the crappy sitcoms on TV, do you blame Microsoft Word for them?  It is the experience, training and creativity of the people using technology and software that are the problem or the solution.  You can't blame a software company for discipline coordination conflicts or spelling errors.  We have to take responsibility for what we do with these programs.      

The fact that companies like Autodesk give us the opportunity to have a variety of tools should be honored, especially next week at Autodesk University.  I think the fact that there are hundreds of classes on some many different topics is pretty amazing.  I hope my epiphany doesn't spoil any future rants I have, but today may alter my course just a little bit.  

...and think of the bright side.  I didn't try to get Shawn Hurley to try and shave his head this year.  That's got to count for something.  

Source: It is Alive in the Lab by Scott Sheppard

As part of one of our customer's visit to the Autodesk Gallery at One Market, I was asked to give a presentation on Autodesk Labs. After doing so, since I had the PowerPoint deck, I decided to make a YouTube version of it.

For those without YouTube access, you can grab it from here.

Autodesk_Labs_7_Trends_v3.wmv (26.8MB)

Telling the Autodesk Labs story is alive in the lab.


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