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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Autodesk - Product Support Severity Levels and Response Times

I was previously asked to remove this posting, but apparently, now it's live for sure.  

Product Support Severity Levels and Response Times

To better address support requests submitted by Subscription customers, Autodesk has implemented:
  • New severity levels and response time targest for support requests
  • An improved case closure policy
  • A variety of self-help support options

New Severity Levels & Response Time Targets

Beginning December 5, 2010 (PST), Autodesk Subscription customers will be asked to select a severity level (standard, urgent, critical) whenever they submit a support request.  Autodesk is providing customers with the following estimated response times, which are based on the severity level of the request and the customer's Subscription tier (Subscription, Gold, or Platinum).  Autodesk will make reasonable efforts to respond to support requests with the timeframes stated below.
Severity Level
SubscriptionGoldPlatinum (see note below)*
1/CriticalAn incident that involves total failure of the software to operate, or inability to Install or access the software , or inability to access one or more Subscription benefits, resulting in unrecoverable key design data loss or complete interruption of a mission- critical design project, for which no workaround exists.
4 business hours**
2 business hours
1 extended hour***
An incident that involves severe impairment of major software functionality or inability to install or access the software, or inability to access one or more Subscription benefits that will result in long-term impairment of productivity. A workaround may be available. Note that an incident that would otherwise qualify as a Severity 1 incident for which a workaround exists would be a Severity 2 incident.
8 business hours
4 business hours
2 business hours
An incident that has a limited or minor adverse effect on software operation or involves inability to install or access the software, or inability to access one or more Subscription benefits in a manner that does not substantially reduce productivity. A workaround may be available. Severity 3 incidents also include general usage questions regarding software and requests for clarification of the meaning of documentation.16 business hours
8 business hours
8 business hours
* Please Note: The Platinum targets listed in the table above apply only to Platinum Subscription purchased after October 24, 2010. The original one business hour response target continues to apply for Platinum Subscription purchased prior to October 24, 2010, although such Platinum customers will now be required to assign severity levels to their support requests.
** “Business hours” are defined as the local weekly hours of operation for the assigned Autodesk product support call center, in the customer’s region, excluding Autodesk holidays, weekends and other non-work days applicable to the region.
*** “Extended hours” are defined as 24 hours per day, seven days per week (Monday through Sunday), 365 days per year, including after-hours periods and Autodesk holidays worldwide. During after-hours periods and/or on holidays, response times may exceed estimated targets in some cases.

Improved Case Closure Policy

To help secure satisfactory case closure, Autodesk Product Support Specialists will contact you after issue resolution to offer opportunities for iterations. The Specialists will contact each customer at least three times before officially closing a case. Autodesk encourages you to respond to this follow-up communication so cases are not closed prematurely.

Self-Help Support

In some cases, you may be able to find answers to your  support questions quickly and easily through self-help options. Recent improvements to the Autodesk Knowledge Bases and the Autodesk Forums makes them easier to find and use. The Autodesk Knowledge Bases and Forums, along with a variety of blogs, give you rich, searchable content at any time, day or night. Self-help support is perfect for how-to questions related to product usage, installation, licensing, configuration, and minor troubleshooting.


For answers to frequently asked questions, please review the New Product Support Severity Levels & Response Times FAQ


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