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Friday, December 31, 2010

Autodesk Quantity Takeoff: Workbook Rounding - dODDS and ENDS

Jason, I can't believe you're the only Autodesk employee actually working this week and the only one to make an official Autodesk blog post.  I hope you can find my email buried in your inbox and send me a reply before next year.

No one has been busier than Jason Dodds at Autodesk since he's the only guy working on BIM estimating for contractors.  For another few weeks, you can get a free copy of QTO if you buy Navisworks Manage. BIM sure does make it easier to get quantities and make sure your projects are within the budget.  How exactly do you do that now with the CAD process? 

I've been saying this for years... "Why do they call it an estimate?  Shouldn't they call it an accurate?"  Something to think about as you're counting down the minutes and seconds until 2011.

Source: http://doddsandends.typepad.com/blog/2010/12/autodesk-quantity-takeoff-workbook-rounding.html

Every now and again I get questions about how to "round" numbers in workbook in QTO. Well there is no overall setting but you can tell the formula box that you want the workbook to "round" specific fields.
To round your numbers, click in field you want you round so it will display in the formula box.

Now add the text "round" after the =. You will need brackets too in order to tell QTO what to "round"

To round for assemblies or thing that already contain brackets, simply just add the round after the = and it will "round" everything already in your formula.

Check out the above image and notice that all the fields are "rounded" to whole numbers. This could be another great thing that you build into your catalog.
Hope this helps to answer a few questions.


Autodesk Quantity Takeoff: Workbook Rounding


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