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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Gift - Stair Planning Family - JasonGrant #Revit

Jason, thanks for this great gift.  I'm sure everyone will love it.


Ever get frustrated creating a stair in Revit when you know that it will change a dozen or more times before the end of schematic design?  This family will give one the ability to create a schematic stair with the knowledge that it will occupy the correct amount of space with the most minimal time to produce multiple options.  No more fiddling with the stair tools within Revit before one is ready to.  I am giving this to all who want it as a Christmas Gift.  Go to the download section of the site or click here.

This was easy to produce after the effort that went into Fuzzy Math for Autodesk University and make sure to thank the BIM Troublemaker for making the comment during the session about how a planning family could be very beneficial.
Revit Stair Planning Family from Jason Grant on Vimeo.


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