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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The first rule of doing work that matters

 Seth told me I could only copy a few full posts a year to put on my blog.  This one is too good to just share a snippet of.  I set out on the goal of 1,000 blog posts a year.  I tried to make them all relevant and provide you with the most valuable resources of information so you'd have more time to focus on what's important to you.  I hope I've succeeded in making your life better this year.

I hit 961 posts last year.  This is my 953rd post which means I need 9 more posts by midnight on the 31st to hit 962 for the year.  I can't tell you how disappointed I am in myself for not hitting 1,000.  Isn't that crazy?  I must have over 1,000 blog posts in draft mode that I could have published, I just didn't have enough time to get them all published.

I read on another Revit blogger's site one day that he wasn't interested in trying to have the most blog posts in a year.  I always thought that was directed at me.  I always tried to provide quality as well as quantity.  The more research I do on Revit, BIM, VDC, IPD, LEED and FM, the bigger the scope of the blog gets.  It's all intertwined and I can't believe how much I've learned in such a short time. 

I hope you've enjoyed my little BIM blog this year.  Thank you for sticking around.  I've got plenty more in store.  I am going to need a little blog vacation as it's exhausting doing this every single day.  I've been asked so many times how I do it.  I don't sleep.  I make it a part of my every day to move the BIM ball forward.

Hopefully someday soon, you'll recommend my company to train your firm or recommend me to someone who needs Revit and Navisworks training and implementation.  If you're an architect, recommend me to your engineers who haven't moved to Revit yet.  If you're a contractor, forward my information to your subcontractors.  I'll even pay you commission for it.  In the meantime, comments....get interactive in the blog.  Make your comments anonymous if you want.  Just let me know what your thoughts are.  Share your information, success stories and more. 

Happy new year everyone.  Now, read Seth's post.  It's important!

Source: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2010/12/the-first-rule-of-doing-work-that-matters.html

Go to work on a regular basis.
Art is hard. Selling is hard. Writing is hard. Making a difference is hard.
When you're doing hard work, getting rejected, failing, working it out--this is a dumb time to make a situational decision about whether it's time for a nap or a day off or a coffee break.

Zig taught me this twenty years ago. Make your schedule before you start. Don't allow setbacks or blocks or anxiety to push you to say, "hey, maybe I should check my email for a while, or you know, I could use a nap." If you do that, the lizard brain is quickly trained to use that escape hatch again and again.

Isaac Asimov wrote and published 400 (!) books using this technique.
The first five years of my solo business, when the struggle seemed never ending, I never missed a day, never took a nap. (I also committed to ending the day at a certain time and not working on the weekends. It cuts both ways.)
In short: show up.


Gamal,  December 30, 2010 at 7:04 AM  

Hi there, reading from Malaysia here, that's halfway around the globe from your place. Been reading your blog for the past few months. Am really amazed on how much passion and work that you have poured into making BIM a standard in the industry. Am also beginning to like this concept of BIM. Don't worry. You'll get to 1000 blogposts someday.

Over here in Malaysia, most people that I know of from the industry don't seem to have the slightest idea what BIM is all about. And I could foresee too that the introduction of BIM to our AEC community will also be met with sceptism.

Contractors are just way too happy doing coordination in 2d and designers are still very pleased with the amount of RFIs they're getting everyday. To learn this new approach is like learning a whole new way to construct a building and that's something a lot of people trying to avoid.

But someday, I believe, in my country, when the rest of the world uses it, then they we will have to catch up. It is already evident when our local companies having a hard time securing jobs in the middle-east as compared to the westerners. This is despite our strong political relationship with the muslim worlds over there.

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