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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ideate BIMLink - Things to Do Before You Start Using With Your Revit Model

Think about the ROI of using BIMLink. What if it gave you an extra 5 minutes per day? Do you know how much that works out to? Let's just use a sample billable rate of $75/hour.
Every 5 minutes extra of productivity you get in an entire day (just 5 extra minutes of 480/day) would give you $1625 extra a year. Every extra minute of productivity is worth $325 a year.

Now, think about all of the time you waste on creating schedules and all of the extra time you have to spend. Let's say you d0 5 projects a year and you spend 8 hours on each one for door schedules. That's 8 * $75 * 5 projects. That's $3000/year you're wasting. Stop thinking about how much the software costs and look at those few extra precious minutes a day you get.

Here's a little chart to see the math. On the left is how the calculations are made. On the right are the extra money you get per minute. Look at 2.23 minutes/day equalling $725. Anything you pay for annually that's worth $725. As for BIMLink, well, it would just take 2.614 extra productivity minutes/day to make it a value to you.

If after reading all this, contact me for how to buy a copy of BIMLink.

The Calculation Chart of 5 minutes/hour increases
$75 Billing rate/hour Extra Extra Percent
8 Hours/day Minutes Money/Yr Increase
480 Minutes/day 1 $325 0.21%
2.23 $725 0.46%
5 Increase in productivity minutes/day 2.614 $850 0.54%
1.04% % Increase in productivity 5 $1,625 1.04%
10 $3,250 2.08%
$1.25 Billig rate/minute (from Billing rate/hour/60) 15 $4,875 3.13%
$6.25 Extra billable time/day 20 $6,500 4.17%
25 $8,125 5.21%
$1,625 Extra billable time/year 30 $9,750 6.25%
$850 Cost of software 35 $11,375 7.29%
40 $13,000 8.33%
191% Return on Investment 45 $14,625 9.38%
50 $16,250 10.42%
55 $17,875 11.46%
60 $19,500 12.50%

- David Haynes, Ideate Director of AEC Services offers helpful insights on things to do before you start using Ideate BIMLink.

After the initial excitement of downloading the program and those wonderful thoughts of how much time Ideate BIMLink is going to save, most users rush to install and dig into the software.

Before doing that, there are several things to review/consider.

    1. Ideate BIMLink works on Revit Architecture 2011, Structure 2011, or MEP 2011; 32 bit or 64 bit operating systems.

    2. Ideate BIMLink requires that the Revit Extensions (REX) be installed on all computers using Ideate BIMLink. REX can be downloaded for free, when on Autodesk subscription. subscription.autodesk.com Install REX prior to installing Ideate BIMLink.

    3. You will know that Ideate BIMLink is installed correctly, when you see Ideate BIMLink in the following location – Add-Ins > Extension Manager > External Extensions > Ideate Software > Ideate BIMLink.

    1. Revit users, and Ideate BIMLink users, need to clearly understand the difference between Type Parameters and Instance Parameters. Instance Parameters and Type Parameters of an element combine to establish the element properties, or data.

      a.Type Parameters – Settings that control the appearance or behavior of all elements of a particular family type. Type parameters are also called type properties.
      b.Instance Parameters – Settings that control the appearance or behavior or an individual element in a project. Instance parameters are also called instance properties.

    2. Ideate BIMLink modifies data. In fact, some parameters have been excluded from modification, such as ID element, as this modification would cause model corruption. Careful consideration to whether you are modifying type or instance parameters needs to be understood to get the full benefit of Ideate BIMLink.

    3. Note that the Revit model is modified, not a schedule. Schedules are merely reports of the Revit model.

    4. Ideate BIMLink is phase specific. In the Link Properties > Phasing, the user can set what phase and phase filter they are interested in. If the user is in the incorrect phase, the data link will show undesired information or no information at all. A troubleshooting mechanism is to verify the phase and phase filter in both the Revit model and Ideate BIMLink.

Stay tuned for other helpful tip/tricks about Ideate BIMLink. Go to www.ideatebimlink.com for more information, videos, and use cases.

David Haynes is Director of AEC Services at Ideate. His experience as an Architect, Contractor and Owner provides a unique perspective to the use of technology in the AEC industry.

Ideate Solutions: Ideate BIMLink - Things to Do Before You Start Using With Your Revit Model


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