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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A new take on BIM visualiztion

I'm sitting in another great class at AU.  It's about responding to BIM RFPs.  It is amazing as to how many different definitions of BIM there are out there and how each person views BIM and their role in the process.

The person sitting next to me just told me that the client facing person in his office when doing presentations, calls BIM Building Imagery Modeling.  Now, he does this by accident and ignorance and is in over his head since he knows nothing about BIM.

The interesting part about it is that in his mind, that's exactly what BIM does for his clients.  It provides the imagery of the building.  So, although we would all cringe if someone from our company would say that to a client and looks stupid saying that, I really think that maybe he is on to something.

It reminds me of the things that you would hear a small child say.  You know how they say stuff in front of others like "mommy is going poopy and can't come to the phone", but there's an angelic purity in the honesty of an unjaded child.  

So, let's add Building Imagery Modeling to part of the conversation for client presentations. 


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