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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project Galileo technology preview Now Available for Download

Every time Product Designer, Eric Fain, would send me an update of the sample data, I couldn't help but think:

    "Won't you take me to  Tiny Town?  Won't you take me to  Tiny Town?"

With apologies to "Funky Town" disco band, Lipps Inc., the sample data file is indeed named TinyTown.zip."

Whereas my original blog posting was a mere "Extra, extra, read all about it," you can now download the technology preview (plus some Protein library materials and sample data) via the Labs site:

Download Project Galileo technology preview via Autodesk Labs

I guess since I am supposed to take you to Tiny Town, I will share some screen shots from Eric:




The Labs site has some YouTube videos to get you started. For those without YouTube access, you can download the videos.

Overview Galileo_Labs_Overview.mp4
Le Havre in Galileo 20101129_LeHavreInGalileo_short.mp4
Creating a Project Creating_a_Project.mov
Inserting Terrain Inserting_Terrain.mov
Importing Water Importing_Water.mov
Importing and Styling Multiple Layers Importing_and_Styling_Multiple_Layers.mov
Navigation Navigation.mov

With regard to the second video, according to Technical Marketing Manager, Lynda Sharkey, Le Havre is a long time user of Autodesk software and started building city models with 3D Studio back in the 1990's. Today they are engaged in large infrastructure reconstruction projects around the port and rail corridors and use city modeling as part of their planning and new construction workflow. They have been providing great feedback on Project Galileo.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how it works for you with the sample or with your own real world data. Please share your thoughts at labs.galileo@autodesk.com.

Asking if digital city creation can be less funky is alive in the lab.


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