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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Project Neon rendering service Update Now At Your Disposal - It is Alive in the Lab

Nasty bug

Senior Product Manager, Mark Fritts, noted that we had a Project Neon update on Friday. Recall that Project Neon is a technology preview of a rendering service. You upload your drawings. You get an image back. You can learn more about it on:

Project Neon technology preview on Autodesk Labs

Mark noted that this update features:

  • Performance: We have upgraded the performance of Project Neon again. We have doubled the size of each cluster (8 -4 core machines now) that each image renders upon. This results in a dramatic speed improvement, about 2x, for all rendering jobs.

  • Rendering quality improvements: We are continually making improvements to the rendering engine that powers Project Neon. The big improvement this release is the addition of Texture Filtering capabilities. This eliminates some noise in certain materials such as fabrics and carpets in the rendered images.

Senior Software Architect, John Hutchinson, was keen to note that this update also fixes a nasty bug. Rendering times are now more linear. With the prior release, large DWG files could take much longer to render than smaller ones.

Improvement is alive in the lab.


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