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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Teen's Third-World America - The Daily Beast

Ok, Christmas is over.  Time to start getting back to work in serious issues.

A boy can't get to school because of crumbling roads and sewage. Eliza Griswold reports on why the landscape at home looks like a war-torn country.

Article - Griswold Third World Christ Chavez, Bloomberg / Getty Images.

In the next five years, the American Society of Civil Engineers http://www.asce.org/ estimates that the United States will have to spend more than one trillion dollars simply to sustain what we already have.

I've seen this kind of chaos in refugee camps in Eastern Congo and gypsy settlements in Rome, but not in America.

On Indian reservations, the situation is even direr. The state of New Mexico estimates it needs one billion dollars to address such everyday concerns as the lack of clean water, sewers, good roads, and electricity.


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