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Monday, December 13, 2010

Webcast - 12/14 2pm: e-SPECS v6.0 Keynoting and Annotation for Revit BIM Models #BIM

December 14, 2010
2:00 pm EST
David Houde
Application Engineer
e-SPECS for Revit generates project specific keynotes coordinated with your specifications to ensure accuracy in detailing. Rather than have your detailers select from hundreds to thousands of master keynotes, e-SPECS generates the list of only those used in your BIM and specification project. In addition, e-SPECS for Revit generates automatic Outline Reports and a specification Table of Contents. These facilitate a design process ensuring the highest quality product is produced without the error prone and mundane manual efforts previously required without e-SPECS.

e-SPECS for Revit ensures that your drawings and specifications remain in sync. If you added a brick wall to your project and later changed it to concrete, e-SPECS for Revit would remove the unit masonry section and add a concrete section to the project manual. At any time, you can review the "history" of your specification sections to see why it was included in the project. You can also review the Drawing Reconciliation reports to get a complete overview of all the drawing elements that resulted in project specification sections. Select a Revit family and view those specs linked to it and even markup the specs collaborating with your specifier and other team members.

David Houde, Application Engineer
David has been Application Engineer with InterSpec for over 5 years. He has worked with a wide variety of clients to provide training, sales and implementation support.


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