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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drummer for Iggy Pop

This has nothing to do with BIM.  The main reason I saw interest in it was that until recently, Iggy Pop lived on the block next to ours.  Walking one morning with my wife, we accidentally timed our walking past his house with him out on the lawn picking up his newspaper in his bathrobe.  

As for other timing, how do you get hit by a car in the middle of the dessert?  Was he so engrossed in eating a piece of pie that he didn't see the car coming?  Excuse me. I've just been informed that he was in the desert, not eating dessert.  Still, it's not like he was walking on the highway?  Well, maybe he was eating dessert in the desert or perhaps eating a sandwich (insert bad joke groan here).  

Ever see those stories about someone getting hit by a train?  My wife always asks how that's possible.  There's only one thing to do when walking near train tracks.  Yup, look out for trains. It's not like you can't see or hear them?   How hard is it to avoid getting hit by a train?

Speaking of oncoming trains, how about all of the architects and engineers who are in a dark tunnel and either completely missed the BIM train or are going to get run over by it.  Well, it's more work for the rest of us.  Remember kids, if you're using Revit, don't ever try to convince others to use Revit.  The fewer people using it and flourishing with it means more work for you and higher fees.  Let the 2D year olds think they don't need it.

PS. I didn't plan on tying BIM into this one.  It kind of just happened on its own.     

NE MiamiHerald.com: Obituaries

(AP) -- Drummer Alex Kirst, a member of The Nymphs glam rock band who became a member of Iggy Pop's band, was struck and killed in a hit-and-run crash in the California desert. He was 47.


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