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Friday, January 7, 2011

InterSpec Announces e-SPECS Version 6.0 #BIM #AIA

What a joke that the 2D year olds still do everything manually and their specs aren't accurate to match the rest of the construction documents. If you've never seen e-SPECS, and you're a Revit user, what a pleasure to automate the process. The first thing it does it find every assembly code in Revit and build the list of items that needs specifications. That alone makes it worth the price of admission. Remember, it's all about the information. Personally, my favorite part of e-SPECS is the linking where you can hover on an item in Revit, like a wall or door, and then see the spec sections that relate to that item. That's a contractor's dream come true and makes the bidding process so much easier because it's all there.

It's not about the software, it's about the efficiency of the process. If you think you can do it faster the way you're doing it, please go ahead...become a designosaur. Just call me darn it, and I'll get you pricing info and a demo of the product. You've got nothing to lose but your BIM Virginity.

Source: http://www.e-specs.com/news-release110105.html

January 5, 2011 - InterSpec Inc., the industry leading provider of BIM integrated construction specification software and services, announced today a major upgrade to its popular e-SPECS specification management systems. e-SPECS v6.0 includes a substantial redesign of its integrated keynoting system, fully integrated project file management and enhanced integration with all Autodesk Revit products.

New e-SPECS functionality, enhancements and updates continue to be developed ensuring the highest return on investment possible to our customers. e-SPECS v6.0 includes new Keynoting Management at the master and project levels with intelligent assignment of coordinated keynotes to Revit families and materials directly through the e-SPECS Revit Plug-In Console. For specifiers not fluent in using Revit, the e-SPECS Revit Plug-In Console provides access, verification, and model update capabilities pertinent to the product specification criteria.

e-SPECS v6.0 also includes enhanced BIM integration enabling last minute changes to the BIM model to be synchronized with the project manual. New reconciliation reports indicate the BIM model updates and revised sections providing more consistent construction document management with fewer addendums, RFIs and change orders.

Imported (e.g. consultant sections) and e-SPECS Checklist inserted sections can now be associated with Revit assemblies for easy access to view and mark-up those sections directly in Revit.

e-SPECS v6.0 also includes the ability to manage and associate project files (pdf, xls, doc, html, etc.) through the e-SPECS integration providing easy access to more project data directly within Revit. The coordination and collaboration is valuable not only through easy access to the specifications, but also in the design options, as-builts, estimating, construction modeling, and facility management.

All e-SPECS customers under software maintenance agreements will automatically receive the new v6.0 this month.

About InterSpec
InterSpec provides construction document management solutions and services built on its patented e-SPECS specification management technology. e-SPECS software automates the specification process by extracting the product and material requirements directly from the project's BIM models and drawings. e-SPECS integrates directly with all Autodesk Revit-based BIM products as well as with Autodesk's AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Systems products and integration of MasterSpec, US Dept of Veterans Affairs, and custom office masters. For architects and engineers who spend many hours on every project preparing construction specifications, e-SPECS software saves time and money while ensuring that the construction drawings are coordinated with the specifications. For more information visit www.e-SPECS.com or contact sales at +1-207-772-6135 or email to sales@e-SPECS.com.

e-SPECS is a registered trademark of InterSpec. MasterSpec is a registered trademark of the American Institute of Architects. Autodesk and Revit are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

InterSpec Announces e-SPECS Version 6.0


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