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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lean, Green, and Paperless! Webinar 1/26/11 | AGC - The Associated General Contractors of America

It's funny. I was reading this and looking at the part that says "going paperless". Of course I was thinking that if the entire design and construction team worked together, used BIM and collaborated, there would be no Addendums, RFIs and change orders, so the project would be paperless. Well, until that day arrives, learn how to do with all of the paperwork that you receive and process every day that cripples your business and your profits.

Do these photos look like your desk right now?  They're from my wife's law firm right before the shredding company arrived to do their thing.

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WHO: Construction Posting
WHEN: January 26, 2011
WHERE: Webinar: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
Information management is one of the biggest challenges in construction today. As technology tools and increased collaboration have become ingrained in the construction process, more and more pages of information are being created at every step. Projects seem to regularly be running into 1,000’s of RFIs, CCDs and ASIs, not to mention submittals, creating a massive backlog of inaccessible information that increases the costs and delays on projects.

How do you deal with all of it?

Technology can not only be used to improve communication and collaboration, it can be used to more efficiently manage information to reduce costs associated with the delays introduced by traditional paper trails and the increased volume of information being produced on projects today. Going digital for your information management reduces the amount of time that it takes to put the right information into the hands of the people that need it most, when they need it, minimizes the amount of paper consumed and leads to greater project efficiencies and a lot less impact on our environment.
  • Going paperless is more than just being digital
  • Alternatives in the market today
  • The devil’s still in the details!

Speaker Bio: Bob Hutchinson

Bob Hutchinson has more than 20 years of experience as a General/Project Superintendent, Sr. PM and licensed GC. Hutchinson has worked on projects that run the gamut from general building maintenance, big box, entertainment, office buildings, even complex mixed use resort projects up to $200,000,000. Hutchinson also spent 10 as an engineer with AT&T’s Bell Labs, Polycom and starting his own software development company, all of which focused on collaboration, distance education, and operational process improvements.
Cost: FREE

Lean, Green, and Paperless! Webinar | AGC - The Associated General Contractors of America


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